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Here is your 1 search result for Tours, Attractions & Activities in Arrington, United States

Arrington Vineyard Winery Round Trip Transportation

Arrington Vineyard Winery Round Trip Transportation - Arrington, United States

Duration: 3 hours
Location: Arrington, United States

From USD

Want to visit a Tennessee winery with a country music connection? Let Barrels of Fun Nashville take you to Arrington Vineyards. You will have an amazing time at country music star Kix Brooks' award winning winery ... More info ›

Want to visit a Tennessee winery with a country music connection? Let Barrels of Fun Nashville take you to Arrington Vineyards. You will have an amazing time at country music star Kix Brooks' award winning winery. Sip wine in the beautiful rolling hills of the Tennessee countryside where you can purchase (at your expense) tastings, tours, pairings or bottles of wine to enjoy on site. Drink from a wide variety of award winning reds and whites, including a Kix signature KB Cabernet. Book now and let Barrels Of Fun take you there.
premium round trip ONLY Transportation: $40 Seats fill up fast, book today!

• Available for Purchase from Winery, Picnic tasting, Pick four wines of your choice upon arriving at Arrington winery and enjoy!
• Hand select and purchase bottles of your choice and enjoy them at the winery
• Arrington will be happy to open the bottle for you and provide glasses to enjoy your tasting.
Arrington Vineyards opened its doors July 1, 2007. Since then, we have been providing a “wine country experience” of award winning wines set among the picturesque rolling hills of middle Tennessee.  Owned by country music artist Kix Brooks, winemaker Kip Summers, and entrepreneur John Russell, Arrington Vineyards has truly become “Nashville’s Wine Country”.
Our vineyards were originally established in 2003, when Kip and a fellow wine enthusiast and their families purchased a 25 acre hog farm and began clearing the property and planting grapevines. In 2004, Kix purchased the farm adjacent to the original vineyards - which included the farmhouse that eventually became the winery tasting room. Together, they began creating a first class winery with the working name of Firefly Vineyards. This name was later changed to reflect the local community of Arrington, Tennessee.
In 2005, the vineyards were expanded and the partners began working with Williamson County to create a whole new class of county zoning that would allow the winery to have a tasting room and retail store. The first two vintages of wine (2005 and 2006) were made by Kip at Beachaven Vineyards & Winery in Clarksville, TN where he had been winemaker for 11 years. Construction on the AV winery began in late 2006. 
By April 2007, the winery was officially licensed, our wine and equipment moved in, and bottling commenced. Arrington Vineyards quickly established itself as a first class operation – winning “Best of Show” at the Wines of the South Competition for its 2004 Syrah and quickly selling out of our 2005 vintage in a few months. 
In May 2008, John Russell joined our Arrington Vineyards partnership, adding his keen sense of business to an already strong partnership and management team. We also continued to expand our vineyards and began distributing our wines throughout middle Tennessee via Lipman Brothers.
We established our exclusive “Kix’s Wine Club” in 2009 and we now ship wine to thousands of club members in 35 states from California to Maine. AV wines have also been featured in restaurants in NYC, New Orleans, and across the state of Tennessee.
Since its inception, Arrington Vineyards has focused on quality while continuing to develop and grow. We invite everyone to visit and experience our version of "wine country".

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